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About Interactive dinning

Interactive dinning experience is the future of dinning experiences.80% of people say they can't wait more than 10 minutes before they get their food served,and 90% of people say they lose interest after 15 minutes.With interative dinning your customers will never lose interest.Infact they would ask for more.This is a must have if you believe customer staisfaction is the key to any brands success

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Why interactive dinning

Take a look at the benefits of incorporating interactive dinning for your brand

Perfect Customer Statisfaction

Never lose the interest of the customers ever again while they wait for their food.

Increased Revenue

You can charge for the experience which will increase your revenue streams

Make a difference

This increases your customer traffic whether your are new brand or an existing brand


Get free marketing done by the people’s word of mouth after experiencing this.

Multiple Revenue streams

People can take photos/videos of their experience so you get an additional revenue through this

Your experiences

With interactive dinning, bring your dinning table to life

Play with our little chef

Waiting for your food has never been this fun.

Under water table

Imagine how it looks like under water while eating your favorite fish

Fresh Barbaque

Watch our little chef prepare a special Barbaque just for you


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